As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

Grayson #1

Grayson #1


do you ever think about the fact that the modern Batman’s most likely influence to become Batman is now Antonio Banderas?



Ultimate Spider-Man Character Designs by John Paul Leon

Always a big fan of John Paul Leon.




I kind of don’t like how that one Iron Man post from last night is making the rounds because I feel like it makes me look like I have something against innovation.

Like, how dare you, Marvel, trying to step out of a shadow 30 years old?  Don’t you know Iron Man should be the same forever?

And I’m not against change.  And I AM against desperately trying to cling to an old formula that’s not relevant.

But, as a fan that’s been slowly losing interest in comics for a long time, that article was like a nail in a coffin.  I have every single Iron Man comic evah (with the exception of 3-4ish mini series).  I have 6 Iron Man glasses and about 50 Iron Man action figures and wearable helmet and freaking statues of this guy.

I used to love him.

He was my hero because he was a fuck up.  A fuck up who never stopped trying.  He was my hero because he was self-destructive like me  and so many members of my family and he had to fight it every day like we do.  He was my hero because he looked at all the crap in the world and said, “It doesn’t have to be like this,” and tried to change things on both immense and personal scales.  Iron Man used to ask villains WHY they committed crimes.  Because if their motivation was socio-economic or health-related, he would stop fighting and help them.  If a circumstance beyond your control is forcing you to do these things, he’ll get you out if you just tell him.    

Yeah, he’s a privileged asshat with a laundry list of control issues.  But he was heroic (most of the time).  But he was also human and sometimes his courage failed him.  Sometimes his choices were bad.  Sometimes they were Armor Wars bad and sometimes they were holding Firebrand back from running into a burning building to save a man who is trapped bad.  (You were both in armor.  You’d have been okay if you tried to rescue him.)  His badness, like his goodness, could be immense.  Or it could be personal.

 I loved him.

And now I don’t.  Because the comics have made him so hard to like.  Because the comics have made him a scape goat for everything that goes wrong, the comics have created huge ideas about agency and autonomy and failed to follow through leaving me entirely unsure of how many of his decisions are even him.  The comics have rooted up his history and fundamentally changed how he sees the world and interacts with his family and they have done it in a way that is completely devoid of any emotional or intellectual honesty.

So then you tell me, he’s going to move.  AGAIN.  He’s going to start a brand new world saving project.  AGAIN.  You tell me lots of people won’t agree (what else is new?) and he’ll be hard for me to root for.

Well, you know.  All things considered, I would much rather love Iron Man.

It’s easy to be seen as one of those comic fans who just “doesn’t like change”.  but when you’re sitting there reading about your favorite hero and everything is shitty and nothing they do is heroic or helpful and everything you thought you knew about the character is thrown out the window for nothing more than a little soap opera plot twist that wasn’t even interesting… then, I think your points are pretty valid. 

The truth is.  The Iron Man book isn’t selling.  Iron Man, as he exists in 616 Marvel Comics is not bringing in the fans they want… he’s losing fans. Most notably, the most dedicated fans.  That’s something that I think is important.  This isn’t just you and me and other fans going “I hate this” and then paying for it anyway because a lot of fans have dropped it.  and You of all people are talking about him in the past freaking tense.  This is kind of a crisis.

Marvel needs to re-evaluate how they’re looking at this character.  maybe it’s good sales for their events, to constantly make Tony Stark the bad guy and the scapegoat so he can get punched by Steve Rogers.  but just using the character for these ends is not helping the character.  And they have to see the direction is not helping his solo book.  

Iron Man fans are sick and tired of actually not liking Tony Stark.  We need more reasons to cheer for him, not less at this point.  Because despite what a lot of people may have heard or read recently, Tony Stark is supposed to be a hero.

Working in a comic book store I have been watching this title (and captain americas) steadily decline in subscribers. People don’t want this. Long time fans don’t want this, New fans don’t want this. It’s a sad statement that Iron Man is one of the least read titles Marvel puts out right now.

And it KILLS me that even I don’t like his title. I continue to buy it partly due to being a character loyalist and partly due to the nature of my collecting, I start to twitch if I don’t have complete runs. But when someone asks me, “hey is this good I really like Iron Man in the movies” I have to stand there and explain not just how MCU Tony and 616 Tony are very different people (which i never mind, because I don’t care what gets you into comics, just glad you’re here now) but how its been poorly handled, how he acts, without spoilers in case they decide to buy it. Basically it boils down to “I have a lot of issues with that book, and the general treatment of Tony Stark in the 616 universe. If you read it be prepared to dislike him too.”  Then I hand them the all-new books and say “here, this has a lot less useless baggage” (*cough* secret origin of tony stark *cough*)

I want to believe in my favorite heroes. Sure, I like angst and pain and drama, but at the end of the day I want to say I believe in this character. because even when he was unsure of himself, or when he fucked it up, he got back up and did the right thing, saved himself, his team, his world and he will always try to do it again. Because he is a hero, even when he didn’t think he was. I wish Marvel would stop trying to convince me otherwise. 

is there any way to get a restraining order against a comic book because i would like superior iron man to stay 50 ft away from me at all times


Captain America | The Avengers & The Avengers: Age of Ultron


New Avengers: Age of Ultron pictures from Entertainment Weekly

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bringing this back around just in case you’ve had a bad day

my favorite thing about this post being popular is that people like you are using it to cheer other people up, that is rad, thank you for being rad

•The UPRISING is over; now the NEW ORDER begins!
• Avengers World has become A.I.M. World.
• The Avengers can’t stop the combined might of A.I.M., The Gorgon and Morgan Le Fey. 
• But what about the NEXT Avengers?



•The UPRISING is over; now the NEW ORDER begins!

• Avengers World has become A.I.M. World.

• The Avengers can’t stop the combined might of A.I.M., The Gorgon and Morgan Le Fey.

• But what about the NEXT Avengers?

Inhuman #02


hey, so are we on a “tu” basis or are we still pretty “vous”

igavethatbitchalink golly gee thank u

tofillaprompt you are way too flattering and im embarrassed (ps theres already a fic in the works for this and ONE IS DEFINITELY ENOUGH)


ive had this western au kicking around in my head for like months so i drew some stuff for it

definitely not just an excuse to draw tony looking like snidely whiplash and listen to the builders and the butchers on repeat

SO. bunch of sketches under the cut feat. sheriff rogers, deputy wilson, the sheriffs daughter rikki, her best friend anya, and some mysterious rich folk from new york city.

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